Manfred Gawol

We manufacture for you!

mk chemicals GmbH manufactures water-base and solvent-base pigment preparations, bound into plasticizers and/or various resins as well as powder preparations for semi-finished and finished products used in the plastic, paper, abrasive paper as well as in the caoutchouc/latex and rubber industries. And a lot more.

mk chemicals GmbH is producing those products for well known companies. mk chemicals GmbH cooperates as well in the development and optimization of products. Another part of the production is dedicated to water-repellant products, additives for the automotive industry, paper coating materials and a range of products for all special applications.

Klaus Jahnel

The technical and mechanical equipment allows the manufacturing of finished goods in liquid or powder form, semi-finished goods, powder blends, metal powder blends, etc.
Drums, hobbocks or containers are the standard packing material, but mk chemicals also has abilities to fill in small packing units (10 ml – 1000 ml).
mk chemicals GmbH trades or cooperates with companies in Brasil, South Korea, Canada, China and India.

Do you have special wishes or requirements? Let us work out together the solution.

We are glad to work for you.

Sarah Spur

Sascha Gawol


mk chemicals GmbH was founded in 1990 in Bockenem-Bornum by the 2 managing shareholders, Manfred Gawol and Klaus Jahnel.

In 1998, the subsidiary mk chemicals leather, textile and printing ink GmbH joined, under the same management, producing products for the textile and leather industry. These are filled in big as well as small packing units, such as cans, bottles, etc.

In 2002, Sarah Spur, daughter of the managing director Manfred Gawol, joined the company. Since 2005, she is responsible for the commercial part with full signing power.

In 2011, Sascha Gawol, son of the managing director joined as well.

In 2012, the company employed 21 people.

The family owned company is yet already partly managed by the new generation. This preserves the sustainability of the company and secures a trouble less move forward to the future.