Panax FB-Serie

Fluorescent Pigments

Panax FB-Seriepigment
Panax Yellow FB-205daylight fluorescent pigment
Panax Orange FB-305daylight fluorescent pigment
Panax Red FB-403daylight fluorescent pigment
Panax Rose FB-507daylight fluorescent pigment
Panax Blue FB-805daylight fluorescent pigment
Panax Green FB-905daylight fluorescent pigment
Area of application:
  • Panax FB-series are suitable for printing inks, paper coatings, textile coatings, rubber, paints and coatings. The flourescent pigments possess high colour intensity, small particle size and excellent resistance to organic solvents, so they can be used in water borne systems as well as in solvent borne systems.
Standard package:
  • paper bag, 10 kg


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